I would like to welcome all the new readers to my humble abode, here on DW. I had been an LJ user for several years, then social media happened. Then my LJ just fell to the wayside.

It's been kind of odd, coming back to a journaling platform. FB and Twitter have kind of broken me (all of us, imo). It gets you into the habit of scan n scroll reading. And after several years of that, you're just conditioned. Just absorption, really. No processing, just learned responses of clicking a like button or quickly applying an emoji.

Here, I feel I need to slow down. Here, I don't have to know EVERYTHING that's going on in the world. Read. Take your time.

You move too fast..

You got to make your morning last...

See? Wasn't that fun? A bite-sized piece of whimsy.

So this is me. Slowing down my brain.
Facebook has become a bit much for me, lately.

Hurricanes, North Korea, Trump, Nazis, bad cops, shitty people, animal abuse, racism....

It's easy to get caught by the undertow. You get dragged out into the deep ocean of shit the internet has to offer. Your cursor hovers over the "unfollow" button because your good friend from high school has turned into a complete turnip, casting aside science and human kindness for the blaring rhetoric of talking heads, and just plain assholes who believe they have the market cornered on values.

It's a mess.

Well, I'm done trying to offer answers. I'm wrong, or misguided. I'm a snowflake or a cuck. I'm a libtard or a pinko commie leftist.

Have fun killing eachother, dipshits. I'm gonna go make some oatmeal and read web comics.



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